Your gold works for you.

You buy physical gold or bring in existing gold bars and lend your gold to our precious metals producer PX PRECINOX. Your gold is considered ‘tool stock’ and is permanently in the highly secured production of PX PRECINOX.

You receive a lending rate for the loan.


Gold quantity

You choose the quantity.

You buy gold for a certain amount of money or bring in existing gold bars or coins.


Purchase and sale

On the 26th of each month we buy or sell gold for you.

Extraordinary purchases and sales depend on the quantity you would like to purchase or sale.

You can sell your gold at any time (on the 26th of the month) or purchase it as ingots.


Price of gold

The price is based on 1 kilogram bars and fineness 999.9.

It is bought and sold at the price at which it is traded on the day of purchase or sale.

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