open a client dossier

3 steps to buy and borrow gold from swissgoldplan SA

1. Fill in all documents

Fill in all fields under the ‘Profile’ heading.
  • Form “Personal Data”
  • Form “Establishment of the beneficial owner’s identity” (Form A)
  • Form “Product order form”
Companies only:
  • Form “Establishing of the controlling person of operating legal entities and partnerships both not quoted on the stock exchange”

3. Confirmation of a customer relationship opening

If you apply for the customer opening online, you will receive a confirmation email as soon as your customer deposit has been opened.
If you have requested the opening of the customer in writing, we will send you your login data by email as standard. In exceptional cases, we will send the login data in writing by post.

By signing and returning all requested documents, you declare your consent to the delivered documentsgeneral terms and conditionsand accept these.

2. Authenticity-certified ID copy

You can get a authenticated copy of your ID (a normal copy is not enough) at various locations by presenting your original ID.The certification is usually subject to a fee. Alternatively, the certification can be obtained directly from swissgoldplan in Friborg, Switzerland or from Dr. Karlheinz Abt in Lörrach, Germany. Please arranged an appointment by mail or call.
  • swissgoldplan SA, Route du Jura 49, 1700 Fribourg, Switzerland. Registration under +41 78 820 3712 or per E-Mail to
  • Unternehmens- und Wirtschaftsberatung Dr. Karlheinz Abt, Untere Ortsstrasse 1a, 79539 Lörrach, Germany. Registration under +49 7621 953950-6 or per mail to
  • in all post offices and SBB counter
  • at notaries
  • at notaries and mayoralties
deposit opening

check list

Have you filled out all the required forms, signed them and enclosed them in the case of a written application?

You must return the following forms to swissgoldplan SA so that swissgoldplan can open a customer account for you and you can buy and borrow gold as soon as possible:

private person
  • signed form personal details
  • signed form Identification of the beneficial owner (Form A)
  • authenticated copy of an identity card (passport or identity card) of all persons who are beneficial owner of the deposit
  • copy of an official invoice or receipt (insurance receipt, credit card, public service bills, etc.) (serves the required residence check)
  • signed product and lending order
  • If you are a company, we additionally need
  • signed form to identify the control owner of non-listed, operationally operating legal entities and partnerships (Form K)